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Artist Bio

Jenifer McNeil Baker - Artist Bio While working in film and television Jenifer realized she was more interested in the complexities of each individual image than their compilation in a movie. Using a unique combination of photography and paint she now explores the fragments of life, the often overlooked pieces that emanate beauty apart from the whole. Influenced by her formal education in philosophy and literary critical theory, Jeniferăâ┘s work examines both the literal and subconscious language that shapes us and the world around us. Through dramatic use of color and scale she works to discover the exotic and mystical nature of ordinary subjects and the language that defines them. She further reflects, on both a personal and human level, the effects of physical, environmental and emotional trauma on this language. She asks those who view her work to see again, or for the first time, the complex and often dark beauty in even the most mundane or familiar in life. Jeniferăâ┘s work has been included in many group shows and she had her first solo show in 2006. Her pieces are part of collections both nationally and internationally. She lives in Dallas with her husband Todd and works full-time as a photographer and painter.
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