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Under the Influence 2007 Catalog
We had a Great Show!!!! Thank You!!!

David Terry, owner of The Cedars Art Gallery, invited a select group of Dallas artists to round table how current commercial trends may influence artistsǃ work. These artists explored how the seasonal color patterns seen in home decor magazines, store window mannequins, television ads, and in nature itself might affect artistsǃ choices in their own work. The artists grappled with questions such as whether an artists' work is truly original? How do our surroundings ǃ commercial or noncommercial ǃ affect us? How can we make ourselves more aware of how these surroundings influence us?

Starting with this conversation, working in different styles, artistic philosophies, and media, these artists worked separately for the past 4 months in their own studios creating their individual responses to this exploration. The artists have now returned to the table for further discussion with their "influenced" works in tow.

Below is a catalog of the show:

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"Accidental Cosmos" by Jan Ayers
"Winter" by Jan Ayers
"Portrait of the Artist's Synaptic Process" by Jan Ayers
"Carve Out a Little Peace" by Jenifer McNeil Baker
"Essouira" by Jenifer McNeil Baker
"If Only" by Jenifer McNeil Baker
"Flowers" by John Kuehne
"Tree" by John Kuehne
"Birds" by John Kuehne
"Even So" by Lisa Lindholm
"Something About It" by Lisa Lindholm
"Taken" by Lisa Lindholm
"Distraction 3" by Carmen Menza
"30 Degrees of Wishing" by Carmen Menza
"Kind of Blue" by Carmen Menza
"Blue Wishing Tree 3" by Carmen Menza
"Red Wishing Tree 1" by Carmen Menza
"Verde Rushlight 1" by Carmen Menza
"Presidio Silence" by Bob Munro
"Dead Sea Oasis Wisdom" by Bob Munro
"Oasis Light" by Bob Munro
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