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CAC Spring Membership Show at Cedars Art Gallery

Sharon Shero's CAC will present its spring juried membership show May 21 - June 6, 2010, "Obsession" at the Cedars Art Gallery, 1114 S. Akard.  The artist reception will be Friday, May 21 at 7pm.
The judges were Lisa Taylor, Executive Director of Dallas Art Dealers Association (DADA), Eliseo Garcia, sculptor, and DeDe Bar, painter and gallery manager of the Cedars Art Gallery.  Those exhibiting in the show are:  Sharon Lopez Ashby, Elizabeth Bingham, Rebecca Collins, Andie Comini, Ana Paula Espindole, Merry Fuhrer, Cynthia Hale, Nick Harroun, Nathan Madrid, Ashley Mast, Andy Morris, Sandy Mozur, Caroline Ometz, Robert Pollock, Alan Robertson, Sharon Shero, Dean Stith and David Stover.

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Under the Influence '09 - Water

“Under the Influence of Water”


For the third consecutive year, several local artists will create and display work influenced by a specific theme. In ‘O7 the theme was “Color.”  In ‘08 it was “Dallas.”  This year they present "Under the Influence of Water." Water covers 70 percent of the earth's surface, and makes up 60 percent of the human body.  It has chemical properties unique from all other compounds.  It is a giver of life and a great destroyer. Throughout history, water has remained a powerful symbol across all cultures.


Participating artists will employ varied materials and techniques to present their own unique visions of water. Artists include Jan Ayers, Jenifer McNeil Baker, Ashley Thames Brown, Martha Durbin, Jacque Forsher, Doug Jochum, John Kuehne, Carmen Menza, Bob Munro, Nan Phillips, Michelle Stroescu and David Terry. 


The show will be at The Cedars Art Gallery, 1114 S. Akard, Dallas 75215, and will open with a reception on Friday, Nov. 20 from 6 to 9 p.m.  The following day, Saturday November 21st, the show will be open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. for the "Cedars Open Studios" tour.  The show will then run through January 4th. 


For further information on "Under the Influence of Water," contact David Terry at or 214-676-8840.  For information on "Cedars Open Studios," visit


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Aralyn McGregor: A Thousand Words Or Less

June 27th-July 25th 2009

Opening Saturday, June 27th 7-9 pm 

The Cedars Art Gallery is pleased to announce the first solo exhibition of Dallas artist Aralyn McGregor, opening June 27th, 2009, from 7 to 9 pm. In A Thousand Words or Less, McGregor will be exhibiting her works on paper, including thirty large, medium, and small scale pen and ink drawings on a variety of watercolor paper, found paper, and unbleached recycled paper.

Aralyn McGregor’s work begins a conversation - or collaboration - by combining familiar symbols and imagery without providing a straight forward narrative. While she cites a variety of themes and sources of inspiration, collective action stands out in many of her works. In several pieces, androgynous mobs organize to produce varied results for their labor. They migrate through elements and obstacles that border on the recognizable.

McGregor extends the theme of collective action into the gallery space. At the entrance of the gallery, she has provided 1000 magnetic words and phrases, and each drawing includes a corresponding strip where participants place their response. With this installation, the conversation exists not only between participants, but also anonymously as the responses are given and rearranged throughout the show’s duration.

Aralyn McGregor received her B.F.A. from the University of North Texas and lives in Dallas.

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Under the Influence '08 - Dallas

The Cedars Art Gallery invites you to the Opening of its newest show entitled,


 “Under the Influence 08 - Dallas”


Opening: Friday, November 21st, from 6 to 9 pm.

Available for viewing through January 5th, 2009.

About “Under the Influence '08  - Dallas”

      Last year eight local artists came together at the Cedars Art Gallery to present   "Under the Influence '07." Last year's show examined how commercial color trends affect their work.  This year many of these same artists bring you "Under the Influence 08,"  in which they will explore an influence too big to ignore - Dallas. 

    How does living in and around Dallas,  experiencing its people, culture, weather, traffic, buildings, businesses, and attitudes, influence their work?   Artists Jan Ayers, Jenifer McNeil Baker, Ashley Brown, John Kuehne, Aralyn McGregor, Carmen Menza, Bob Munro, Michelle Stroescu, and David Terry bring their individual styles, methods and materials to bear on the question.  The results range from iconic images to more subtle psychological musings  on the Dallas experience.

   "Under the Influence 08" runs from November 21 through January 05 at the Cedars Art Gallery, 1114 S. Akard St.  An opening reception will be held from 6 to 9 pm, Friday,  November 21. 

For further information call 214-421-2982.
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apart of it

 Saturday, August 9th, 6 to 9 pm

The Cedars Art Gallery is proud to present the newest series of paintings from Dallas artist, Lisa Lindholm. The show opens Saturday, August 9th, from 6:00 to 9:00. Valet parking will be provided.

Lindholm's new works are part of her artistic investigation exploring the relationships between ourselves and a perception of beauty. The paintings underscore the strong influence of her personal experiences and the people around her, as glimpses of the artist and the people in her life permeate the canvases.

The title, "Apart of It," is an intentional play on the idea that physical and mental boundaries, which set us apart from our environment, are merely illusions. Lindholm's paintings portray the interconnectedness between a moment, a figure, and the air that surrounds us all.

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DALLAS, TEXAS (June 12, 2008) Visionary Artist Gil Bruvel will make the Dallas, TX debut of his extraordinary visionary landscapes in a solo exhibition titled Transcapes: An Exploration of Form at The Cedars Art Gallery located at 1114 S Akard St. in the historic Newlands Hotel. Bruvel’s work has been exhibited internationally and has received numerous awards. Transcapes, which opens September 20, 2008 with a reception from 6:30-9:30pm,  focuses on the exceptional depth and range Bruvel’s art and his mastery in a number of mediums, including Fictional Art, Sculpture and Painting. The show runs until October 20th, 2008.

Taking the idea that landscapes so often transform in the physical, emotional, psychological and physical world, Bruvel wanted to concentrate on how figures and motifs in his oil paintings would shift and grow when they were transformed into sculpture and functional art. The result is Transcapes, a solo exhibition featuring Functional Art, ranging from mixed media hand-crafted chess sets to unique furniture in bronze and wood, as well as Sculpture (bronze, stainless steel & mixed media), and Painting (oil & mixed media).  Functional Art, ranging from mixed media hand-crafted chess sets to unique furniture in bronze and wood, as well as Sculpture (bronze, stainless steel & mixed media), and Painting (oil & mixed media). 

While Bruvel’s work resists classification, the artist refers to his style as “visionary.” His subjects are thoroughly modern and futuristic, and reveal figures and landscapes that are equally whimsical and surreal, thought-provoking and enigmatic. His says his work “focuses on uncovering how the conscious and unconscious minds work in tandem throughout the creative process.”

Bruvel cites his own intellectual curiosity and interest in “plumbing the world of ideas” as inspiration for not only the work itself, but its natural variety of forms. To this end, he says his studies of philosophy, psychology, anthropology, ancient cultures, mythology, and literature ground his creative process and provide inspiration for his subject matter. “As a thinker,” he says, “I have always has been a seeker. I work to uncover the mystery of the transformative process, what is engendered by growth and metamorphosis in the world of human experience, both conscious and unconscious.”

That Bruvel’s work seeks to give visual expression to these concepts is seen in the faces and figures emerging almost surreally from landscapes, coupled with the merging of physical and organic forms in his work to produce an amalgamation that is part human, part idea, part consciousness, and part spirit.

“Artists of Gil’s range are rare—he’s imitable, really,” says collector Dr. Daniel Libke.  “He is able to transform whatever media he’s using and give it a kind of detail and mastery that is not only extraordinary, but exquisite.”

Bruvel has been exhibiting around the world since 1974 in places as diverse as Denmark, Dubai, England and France, Hungary, Japan, Monaco, The Netherlands, and Singapore, and across the US, from Arizona and California, to Hawaii, Florida and New York. His work has received numerous awards and his collectors range from Fortune 500 CEOs and members of royal families to actors and rock stars.

Gil Bruvel’s work can viewed at Additional information about the Transcapes exhibit is available at or by calling Gallery Owner and Curator, David Terry at 214-534-6347.

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Art Classes

Portrait Artist David Terry

Presents "Learning to Paint in Oil"

The class is an ongoing exploration of how to solve problems encountered by painters of all levels of experience.

Our goal is to help each student progress at their own speed to whatever level they wish to attain.

Open to All Levels of Skill and Experience.

Classes meet every week for 2 hours. New students are always welcome to join in an ongoing class.

New Classes are forming for the Fall.

First Class is FREE!! After that, Classes cost $65 per 2 hour class, with a one-time $50 fee for materials.

For information contact David Terry, 214-534-6347 or, see his work at

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Brian Nadurak: The Medicine Show, September 21, 2007 7-10 p.m.

Brian Nadurak is an abstract expressionist. His in-your-face approach echoes the work of De Kooning, Pollack, Kandinski and Raushenberg. Like theirs, Nadurak's work is multi-dimensional, almost like looking at a 3-D chessboard, there's a different painting on each level. He works in mixed media and exploits the use of modern and primal communication. Besides oils, pastels, chalk and blood, one finds photographs, magazine and newspaper articles as well as objects plastered to his canvases. The color palette he employs ranges from the dark and moody to bright and pleasant.

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Grand Opening!!!



The Cedars Art Gallery  

1114 S. Akard

Dallas, TX  75215

Tel. 214-421-2982 




Newest Gallery in the Cedars Opens its Doors

           The Cedars Art Gallery, the newest gallery in The Cedars Arts District  located just South of Downtown Dallas, will have an official grand opening Friday, June 29 at 6:00 p.m. The public is invited to join local artist  David Terry and his eclectic array of artists at this new studio and art gallery in the most exciting revitalized part of Dallas, just around the corner form the South Side on Lamar lofts,  Poor David’s Pub and a host of new bars and restaurants.

           While Mr. Terry is known for his fine portraits and Texas landscapes, he also has an interesting history.  Several years ago David left behind a successful career as a trial attorney to pursue his passion for painting as a full-time artist.  He has followed a dream that many possess, but few actually bring to fruition. 

            David has now gathered around him an eclectic group of artists from varied backgrounds working in a variety of media, and will showcase the work of these artists in the Gallery’s Grand Opening exhibition.  David’s philosophy about other artists can be summed up in a comment he makes about his own portrait painting: “All living creatures possess an essence that defines them and sets them apart from others…my task is to see and translate some key part of that unique essence in a way that is true, yet loving and respectful.” 

           The Cedars Art Gallery serves not only as a nurturing haven for up and coming as well as established artists, the space also serves as David’s studio where he works, teaches, and hosts workshops and other gatherings, such as wine tastings and private parties. 

           Grand Opening artists include:  Jan Ayres, Phil Boatwright, Jim Bowman, Gil Bruvel, Kirsten Coco, Andie Hamilton, Del Hermanovski, Dave Kramer, John Kuehne, Lisa Lindholm, Aralyn McGregor, Jerry Malzahn, Carmen Menza, Bob Munroe, Brian Nadurak, Polly Simon, Pierre Spalaikovitch, Michelle Stroescu, David Terry, Don Thacker, Louis Velasquez, and Ykaterina Yastrabova. 

           Doors open at 6:00 p.m., June 29, 2007 at 1114 S. Akard.  Valet parking will be provided.

# # #

If you’d like more information or you’d like to schedule an interview with David Terry, please contact The Cedars Art Gallery at 214-421-2982, or 214-534-6347; or e-mail us at

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East of the Sun

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The Cedars Art Gallery announces
solo art exhibition of Texas artist.

Carmen Menza – East of the Sun

 May 3 – June 1, 2008 - The Cedars Art Gallery – 1114 S. Akard, Dallas, Tx 75215 Dallas, TX 

The Cedars Art Gallery is proud to announce a solo exhibition by Texas artist Carmen Menza entitled “East of the Sun”. The show opens Saturday, May 3 and runs through Sunday, June 1. Please join us for an opening reception for the artist to be held on Saturday, May 3 from 6-9 pm at The Cedars Art Gallery. Reception is open to the public. Valet parking will be provided.

“East of the Sun” explores the art of both oil painting and encaustic painting in Menza’s recent works. Encaustic, a technique practiced by ancient Greeks, is a medium comprised of molten beeswax, resin and pigments. Once the wax hardens, a rich, unique texture and finish is produced. Her oil pieces employ varied techniques including building up the surface with texture and pigment and then scraping away or revealing what is underneath. She uses masking techniques by  painting and then “unpainting” large areas of the canvas.  ythm while still following a gestural and improvisational tradition.”  

About Carmen Menza:

In addition to being a visual artist, Carmen Menza received her BFA in jazz guitar performance from the University of North Texas and is a songwriter, musician and performer. She is a recognized artist as well as an active participant in the Texas art community. For the past two years she has been selected by the North Texas Business for Culture and the Arts as an ArtWorks recipient. NTBCA is an organization founded by the late Raymond D. Nasher that builds relationships between artists and the business community. When she isn't painting you can find her improvising with her all original pop rock band.

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"Gymnasion" A Classical Portrait of the Heroic Form

  Show Catalog 

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Candice Chase completed these works in 2007. However, these images represent the culmination of a seven year project that began in the year 2000 at the Vivero Boxing Gym in Oak Cliff.  While in the course of scouting locations for a Dr. Pepper commercial, which involved visiting most of the Golden Glove boxing gyms in the Dallas area, Candice came across Gene Vivero's gym. This location was chosen for the commercial, and Laila Ali (Muhammad Ali's daughter) came to the gym along with the film crew to film the spot. During the shooting of the commercial, Candice saw a young man training and immediately locked on to the idea of a photographic study of these athletes.


Candice was back at the gym within a week beginning what would be a seven year journey into the lives of the boxers, their struggles, their endurance, their pain, and the development of their bodies and minds. She followed boxers such as Handsome Hector Beltran through his transition from a 16 year old amateur into a professional fighter, and captured his first professional fight ending punch.


Candice frequented the gym over the next seven years shooting photographs, observing the sparing bouts, and even tried the rigorous workout herself for a few months. Through this experience Candice learned the athletes’ workout routines, their rules, and the motives that drove them to become fighters. Candice learned to see these fighters as classical heroic figures. Her photographs capture the sculpted forms that resulted from years of disciplined struggle, and the intensity in the faces of fighters who spent years preparing themselves mentally for physical combat.


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